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Printing products can be both informative and advertising. One of the main advantages of advertising printing is its relative cheapness and sufficiently large informative value. Just a great addition to advertising campaigns in the mainstream media, and an indispensable means of presenting information about the company at various events: presentations, exhibitions.

One of the major advantages of this type of advertising is a long time interaction with a potential customer, that is, you can store the necessary information on the leaflet or booklet to the time when you need it. According to numerous market research found that the most effective advertising contact immediately before purchase. It can provide in the first place printing products, located at points of sale (posters, leaflets, etc.).

When you apply over the production of high-quality printed products, the first thing you need - to correctly identify the problem; for what it is intended. After all, to solve various problems, there are different means of advertising and printing from black-and-white leaflets to full color representation catalogs.

Applicability offers its customers various kinds of advertising printed products:

  • Business Cards - it is part of the image that can absentia to create the impression about you or your company. Therefore, the creation of business cards should be treated with great responsibility.
  • Booklet as a rule, it is printed on both sides of a sheet with one or more folds. It provides a summary of the product, service or brand. Often is a compact and inexpensive option Corporate Avenue, designed for a mass audience.
  • Brochure allows you to get more information about products or services of your company, with colorful photos, detailed product descriptions and prices.
  • Flyer - one of the most inexpensive and effective advertising media. The purpose of advertising leaflets - to inform the consumer about the product or service to generate interest and the need to purchase goods.

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