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Media - a new word in the art, not only because it is hypermedia: connect sound, video, text. Its main innovation, opening new spaces, is its interactivity: direct access to all necessary data, cross-referencing, interactive search, that is, the possibility of the participation of the viewer in the development of the script. Multimedia presentation information and creates a visual image of an object and is intended for presentation to potential investors and consumers.

Multimedia presentation can be developed with the help of animation software (Adobe Flash or Adobe Director) with different audio effects (sound and music) and used as a visual illustration of ongoing presentation.

Applicability offers its customers a variety of types of presentations - version to be placed in & nbsp; the Internet, corporate "business cards" or full interactive multimedia presentation , have major advantages multimedia presentations :

  • graphics and high quality animation;
  • interactivity with the user (selecting sections, language etc);
  • the ability to put large amounts of raw materials, video and audio clips;
  • the possibility of placing a video appeal heads of the company to customers;
  • the possibility of placing in the presentation of the working demo version of demonstrated program(useful for soft-companies);
  • the ability to update information from the web site during a demonstration to the Customer or Investor;

The structure of Multimedia presentations can be built as:

  • As a video presentation with unmanageable - (linear, ie, one after the other) - sequence change stories;
  • As a video presentation with a controlled linear change of scenes, ie to move to the next or return to the previous chapter, the user must use the control menu;
  • As a video presentation with controlled, complex non-linear structure and its own navigation system for submissions. The navigation system allows you to select sections and subsections to view information to pass from one section to another, returning to the already scanned materials;

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