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Saint Petersburg, Russia.
+7 (812) 3839975

Software: S12 Parser v.2
S12 Parser was created to be a standalone application which enables one to parse Alcatel S12 station data from binary to text format.
Software development company located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.They are a Company built of professionals with years of experience inworld-leading IT companies including Borland Software Corp. and TogetherSoft Corp. They specialize on agile software outsourcing and consulting in the following areas:
  • ull format parsing
  • reducing format parsing
  • csv format parsing
  • parsing records range setup
  • setup output folder
  • setup input data folder
  • parse statistics review
  • logging system
  • empty disk space notification
  • parsing various input formats
  • output file name mask specification
  • status bar with current activity indication
Development Issues Involved:
This application has been developed in both First (v.1) and Second Versions (v.2). v.1 was an initial functionality version. v.2 is an optimized and speed increased S12Parser application. The difference in S12 station data speed is greater by 5-6 times.
Used technologies
and products:
  • pure java 1.4
  • Swingx
  • jRegistry
  • setup application
  • usability lookup development
  • Ant
  • Obfuscation module
Software: S12 Parser v.2