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Software: Immediate Billing v.2.
The goal of this application is to receive data from S12 Station parse, calculate bills and send them to particular hotels.
Immediate Billing Version 2 (v.2) is a legacy system of Version 1(v.1), also written by our specialists. v.1 was written on C++ and supports full data lifecycle for billing calculation. This application then was supported by members of our team. It was decided to improve and add new significant functionality to this application. So, overall functionality of v.2 now includes:
  • add, edit, delete hotels list
  • add, edit, delete rooms list for each hotel
  • add, edit, delete tariff list
  • add, edit, delete charging scales list
  • add, edit, delete tariff prefixes list
  • add, edit, delete supplementary services list
  • add, edit, delete weekend holiday list
  • add, edit, delete carriers list. With additional default carrier specification
  • Master/Slave loading balancing
  • various modes of bills delivery(Modem To Remote Printer, Modem to Remote client, TCP/IP to Remote client, Email)
  • categorize bills by several categories(Sent, Not sent, Not Processed, To Send)
  • FTP data retrieving
  • properties system
  • Import/Export DB
  • S12 data receiving recording mode for remote clients issue tracking, when it is needed
  • print preview, setup and printing
  • bill templating system(bill print template could be selected from available templates)
  • add, edit, delete rules. Additionally it is possible to assign another previous rule in the rule, assign order for rules execution. With additional ability for processing or filtering out of parsed bills. Cut, copy, paste, reordering support for rules. Also tariff selection also based on rule logic execution.
  • status bar with current application activity indication
  • bills columns could be sorted, reordered, hide/display. This activity is stored between application work sessions.
  • S12 data receiving block(Start/Stop services functionality)
  • S12 data parsing depends on S12Parser v.2 application library
  • Log rotation with several types of logging functionality
  • Alarm system
  • Monitoring panel with several monitoring parameters
  • Data filtering on table structured panels
  • Highlight data on table structured panels
  • Phone number normalization with several modes(No normalization, Local, International)
  • VAT index calculation
  • Various packages options sending
  • Modem setup specification
  • Self testing functionality
  • CSV bills storing
  • Updated bills sending queue with two queue construction policies: one by one or by package
  • Com Port work
  • Specifying bill currency
  • Billing calculation mechanism specification
In addition a version was developed specifically for hotel use, called Hotel Client this user interface allows for possible data receiving and storing as well as the following other functions:
  • work with modem
  • receive data
  • print setup, preview and printing
  • logging mechanism
  • bills viewing and deleting
  • data receiving mode(Modem, TCP/IP)
  • bills printing mode(Not print, Immediate printing, By Packet)
Used technologies:
and products:
  • Java 1.5
  • netbeans platform
  • hibernate
  • derby db
  • ANTLR library
  • Swing, swingx
  • persistence properties system
  • printing library
  • ComPort library
  • S12Parser modules
  • Ant
  • JUnit
Work set:
and products:
  • application architecture design
  • visual design
  • usability lookup development
  • implementation
  • testing
  • client maintaining
Software: Immediate Billing v.2