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Saint Petersburg, Russia.
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Polygraphy: Corporate Brochure European Properties Ltd
To create a new brochure to reflect updated activity for this company whilst still keeping the look of earlier brochures.
Development Issues Involved:
  • Working with outdated photo stock, re-mastering of original images in the brochure and sourcing new royalty paid images.
  • Creation of new text in three languages, Russian, Spanish and English and verification of the text with native speakers.
  • Creation of new shape to include pouch for insertion of addition material.
  • Sourcing of printers capable of delivering high quality glossy brochure together with creation of unique cutting tool or guillotine to shape the brochure.
  • Creation of new CD Presentation for physical attachment to brochure.
  • Sourcing of buttons or studs to affix CD inserts
  • Printing of CD Labels.
European Properties Limited, United Kingdom.
Polygraphy: Corporate Brochure European Properties Ltd