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Software: Black List Manager v.3
Black List Manager Version 3 (v.3) was developed as an application which allows one to lead a set of phone numbers. This application arose as a legacy of internal Alcatel development on C++. And it has been significantly improved by increasing functionality. The application was improved both by data exchange speed and transport optimization.
  • inserting, editing, deleting phone numbers and its direction
  • support protocol of data exchange with Alcatel S12
  • loading initial macroses to Alcatel S12
  • connection to Alcatel S12 by several methods: telnet, comport, modem
  • terminal window, which displays protocol command exchanging
  • phones list validation
  • logs rotation
  • phone numbers grouping for easy phone range insertion
  • print preview and print support
  • phones list could be saved on local disk as separate file and then loaded to application in next work session start
  • status bar with current application activity indication
  • cut, copy, paste support
  • upload data to a S12 station
  • upload only difference data to S12 station
  • download list from S12 Station
  • delete all black list data on S12 Station
  • retrieve S12 station info to application
  • schedule data uploading to S12 Station(once, every day, by specified date). And assign activate or deactivate this schedule activity
  • properties system
  • phone list validation
  • partly synchronization with S12 Station user interface logging panel with every activity displaying and viewing result of each action with possibility for viewing of detailed activity log. Additionally this panel supports ascending/descending data sorting.
Used technologies:
and products:
  • java 1.4
  • swingx
  • Derby DB
  • JDBC
  • SQL
  • ComPort library
  • Telnet library
  • Print library
  • Ant
Work set:
and products:
  • application architecture design
  • visual design
  • usability lookup development
  • implementation
  • testing
  • client maintaining
Software: Black List Manager v.2 Software: Black List Manager v.2