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Administrative Offices:
Saint Petersburg, Russia.
+7 (812) 3839975

Applicability was created not to be the same but to be different. Clients, producers and consumers are tired of cliches and repetition of the same tired formulas, nobody listening, everybody producing the same sleepy applications. Our idea is simple we knew we could do better and we wanted to do better.

We look at applications and think that we can bring a bigger dimension to the creation of a Services. Representing a wide variety of experiences in many different countries and with more than a software development background behind us we can offer more. We felt that making the idea conform to the software was the wrong approach. Having created projects for clients and for ourselves for several years and sought a way to illustrate this viewpoint in a clear way.

The symbols of earth, wind, fire, water, metal are old and well known. Our own addition was that of the moon to represent partners. These symbols were taken and encompassed in a reworking of the ancient symbol of Ying Yang to create our logo. We wanted a better harmony in the applications being offered, things in balance, things working to the best of their ability.

We are Applicability Applying Your Mind creating Intelligent Software Applications.