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Applicability office
Administrative Offices:
Saint Petersburg, Russia.
+7 (812) 3839975

About Us

We believe that life should be simple; that a client should be able to outline his ideas and needs and then leave the rest to us. Our role is to compliment you.

We believe that Servicess should be simple; simple to operate; simple to understand; simple to add on to and simply they should generate greater opportunities for our clients.

We believe that we should always provide more; we should not just understand what a client wants but offer them additional possibilities to grow their business.

We provide Intelligent Software Applications because we listen, because we tailor precisioned responses, because we possess a wide array of business and technological experience.

We provide user friendly products, the result of careful study and analysis of the way you work and the ways to help your team work better.

We offer creative and integrated ways of implementing your business ideas. We provide the software, the web marketing, the design, the polygraphy and consultancy.

We offer support for all our Servicess. We are technology driven using JAVA , C++ , .NET , ASP.NET , JAVASCRIPT , AJAX FRAMEWORKS , J2EE , WEBSERVICES , RUBY ON RAILS.

Why Us?
Because We Apply Your Mind, because We Apply Our Minds.